Carpet Cleaning Fermoy

Carpet Cleaning is an easy Process when you have the right Training and Equipment. For 17 years Carpet Cleaning Fermoy have been Cleaning Carpets using the Ninja Steam Cleaner. We update our machines when ever it is possible so you can get the best  cleaning in Fermoy.

Carpet Cleaning Fermoy  Process is as follows.

When we enter your house or office we will enquire about the age of the carpet.we will then ask you about any spots or stains and how long have they been there for. With our 17 years experience we should know what kind of stains they are by their location and their colour.By now we will know what type of fiber your carpet contains.We will then know which Eco Friendly detergent to use and what temperature the cleaning solution is set to.

After giving your carpet a Criss-Cross vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Fermoy will pretreat the stains and spots that will not be removed by the Steam Cleaning process alone.We will also pretreat the areas we call Heavy Traffic Areas such as door entrances and at the foot of the couches.

We  steam clean the carpets giving those heavy traffic areas a tripple cleaning. Oil Stains,Wax or Gum might need another treatment to remove any remaining residue.

Included in every Carpet Cleaning are as follows:

  • Heavy soil removal
  • Deodorizing
  • Sanitizing
  • Spot removal
  • Most furniture moved
  • Carpet protectors under furniture legs
  • Steam Cleaning

Air movers are then used to speed up the drying time of the carpets.

For carpet cleaning:
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