Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning  includes

Linoleum, Vinyl. Wood, Granite, Marble and other Stone Floors.
In cleaning the above floors we bascially use the same process but use different Eco Friendly cleaning products.

All Brites  Hard Floor Cleaning Process


  1. We apply alkaline based degreaser with a mop and let it soak in to the floor.
  2. With our heavy duty scrubber we scrub the floor at 1100 rpm which aggitates the cleaning solution and separates the dirt from the floor
  3. With our twin 3 stage vacuum we extract the dirty solution from the floor
  4. We then apply a  solution to the floor to neutralise the floor
  5. Your floors are then dried using our turbo driers
  6. If needed we can then apply a sealer and 1 2 or 3 coats of floor polish to achieve the shine you want.


For carpet cleaning:
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