Fabric Protector

When All Brite cleaners apply Aqua Seal Fabric Protector to your carpet rug or upholstery it will protect against stains or spots forming on your fabric. The protector surrounds each fiber of the fabric which repels oil and water based  spills and spots.
Oil and water based spills will bead up and not soak in to the fabric. This can then be easily cleaned up with a sponge or a cloth.
Carpets and upholstery that have be treated with Aqua Seal Fabric Protector will look fresher  cleaner  and remains cleaner longer that untreated fabrics.

Aqua Seal Fabric Protector will ensure:

Prevents liquids from soaking in to carpets ,upholstery
Repels skin and hair oils.
Your carpet rug and upholstery stays cleaner longer
Cleaning of fabrics will be less frequent.
There will be less wear and tear of the fabrics.

Here we have a carpet which has been treated with Aqua Seal Fabric Protector And one which has not. Because of the treatment the stain on the left has not Penetrated the fibre and can be easily cleaned .

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