Upholstery Cleaning Fermoy

Most Upholstery Fabrics are delicate so at All Brite Upholstery Cleaning we inspect the fabric so we will know which cleaning process to use. At Upholstery Cleaning Fermoy  we have three cleaning processes to ensure that your upholstery gets the best cleaning in Cork.  We always give the upholstery a thorough vacuuming.

Upholstery Cleaning Fermoy

Upholstery Cleaning Fermoy Cleaning Process

Steam Cleaning is the most popular cleaning process. Upholstery Cleaning Fermoy cleaners will pretreat the upholstery giving special attention to the arm and head rest which are usually the dirtiest areas.
We then steam clean the upholstery removing the ground in dirt leaving the upholstery clean and soft to the touch.
An air mover is then used to cut down on the drying time.
Steam cleaning your furniture can take up to two hours so if possible we recommend getting your upholstery cleaned early in the day. Fabrics such as Herculean needs to be steam cleaned.

Dry Cleaning is used on fabrics which can not be wet cleaned. All Brite sprays a dry solvent on to your fabric. Then with a white towel we agitate the solvent and the dirt is released. This not a deep cleaning so you should never let your upholstery get too dirty.

Dry-Wet-Dry Cleaning   process can be used on upholstery that is sensitive to the  Upholstery Cleaning  Process.


Upholstery Protector

To prevent spills and other stains from soaking in to your fabrics All Brite Upholstery Cleaning can apply Aqua Seal Fabric Protector to ensure that your upholstery will stay cleaner in between cleanings.


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